My education began at age three with my first, of many, moves away from the home I'd always lived in. Two major influences in my life, moving often as a military dependent and being born in the Tidewater area of Virginia have influenced the way I view life, relationships and possibilities.

Moving meant lots of new experiences juxtaposed against lots of losses so I learned early in life to focus on what I could count on to sustain me and let the rest go. Faith in the sheer beauty and reliability of nature, books that were the same old tried and true friends no matter where I lived, the familiar pattern of stars that appear each season--my especial favorite being Orion--and water, each became profound teachers.

Born on a spit of land in the middle of the Hampton Roads with the Atlantic on one side , the Chesapeake on the other and the rivers, streams and brackish waters where salt water met fresh in every direction taught me to be keenly aware of the flux of tides' ebb and flow, of life's rhythmic rise and fall. Water's metaphors continue to influence how I perceive life cycles, spirituality and the wisdom of the deep feminine.

I married in the Canal Zone, Republic of Panama. Living in Central America and Puerto Rico for eleven years was glorious. I can feel a cellular shift in my body each time I return. Atlanta, Georgia has been home to me for the past forty years. It still feels quite strange to be landlocked in a forest in the foothills of the Piedmonts.

Writing has been my salvation through the loneliness of moving, the challenges of adjusting to each new stage in life. Letter writing has always been a favored way to keep the stories of my life alive and moving.

I love the varieties of beautiful paper, the flow of blue ink, the curve of each bit of script, the delight in each story. My desk overflows with letters I have received and cannot bear to throw away--each a treasure to be reread and savored.

I didn't return to begin college until I was forty-two. During the ten years that I earned a BS in Psychology and Sociology, an interdisciplinary MA and Ph.D. I took no English courses, no courses in literature or writing. It never occurred to me that I'd ever write. So this book and the articles I have had published are really conversations with the reader--a chat, woman to woman, person to person. And, I hope you, the reader, will keep the conversation going.

Women's Intuition: Unlocking the Wisdom of the Body is my invitation to the reader to allow yourself, as a woman, to fully accept and live the gifts of your deep cellular wisdom-- to respect and listen to your intuitively racular body and first and foremost to realize that if you do not take the time to discover what matters most in life to you that will become the matter with you. Your soul's voice is always teaching you, urging you to be authentic , be real, be true to yourself what matters most in life etc.

Relationship networking is the way of the feminine. If your story links in any way with mine I invite you to share it and my book with three others to keep the energy alive and growing. We can best discover ourselves and the messages of the deep feminine through community while sharing our dreams, our intuitive wisdom, our heart's desire.

- Dr. Paula M. Reeves

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