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For the first time Paula has released two of her most sought after CDs for sale. These CDs are designed so that the listener can use them for personal growth or as a tool when teaching a group.  Conveying Paula’s unique teaching style with her depth of knowledge as both a mythographer and a teacher of bodysoul you will want to listen to each one over and over again hearing something new each time.

Lighting the Forbidden Lamp: A Woman’s Journey to the Self—the Myth of Eros and Psyche Retold 

It is unlikely you have ever heard this story told as Paula tells it from the perspective of the individuation and growth of the deep feminine and the creative masculine under the guidance of the primal feminine--of Aphrodite--you will want to own this CD.


Every Woman’s Story: Cinderella and Her Sisters-The Shadow Side of Envy

First told at a Marion Woodman Foundation Retreat this CD is warmly interactive with the audience as Paula takes us into the depths of the seldom explored topic of envy and jealousy. Cinderella’s plight awakens the hidden memories of forbidden yearnings, self recriminations and fears of not being good enough to be chosen. Paula leads us into the recognition that the consciously embodied feminine is both fiercely requiring and tenderly protective. In the end we learn that the soul is always inviting us into the dance. This story speaks to men as well as women.  

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