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If our culture suffers from anything today it well may be the loss of embodied passion and its companion compassion. The quest for uncovering and recovering the roots of the deep feminine inevitably take us into matter and an uncovering of both the heart and the soul of our quest. What the mind cannot fathom the body already knows. What the culture intellectually resists can sicken us mind, body and soul.

Until I did this work using an outline of my own body and facing my feelings about my body by looking into my own eyes in a mirror I had never been able to stand my body.  Now I am filled with love for this dear friend.  Mindful Mirroring ™ is a profound way to relate to oneself."

Dr. Paula Reeves is a well-known lecturer, author and mythographer in the fields of psychology and spirituality. A therapist in private practice in Atlanta, Georgia, she has led retreats in Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, England, Australia, Canada and the United States. She has presented her work on intuition and the body at the Jung Institut in Kusnacht. A colleague of Marion Woodman's for over seventeen years, she leads retreats with Dr. Woodman as a member of the BodySoul Rhythms Canadian team. Author of two books, Women's Intuition: Unlocking the Wisdom of the Body and Heart Sense: Unlocking Your Highest Purpose and Deepest Desires, she has an enduring interest in the relationship between spirit and matter leading her to work with the metaphors of both the body and the psyche. She has refined this work as an annual lecturer with the Jungian Conferences offered by Journey into Wholeness for over twenty-two years.  The founder of Spontaneous Contemplative Movement and Mindful Mirroring she teaches participants in her retreats and lectures how to listen to the wisdom of the body and follow the directions of the embodied feminine, of soul.
Paula's work in applied psychoneuroimunology has led her to combine her knowledge of neurobiology, the metaphors of symptoms, dream symbols, and movement into a rich and deeply meaningful personal psychospiritual experience for each individual. Her programs will be especially meaningful to anyone working with a chronic illness or symptom. She uses material from her very insightful book Heart Sense to open your relationship with the healing intensions of the heart and the multiple ways the heart "speaks" for the Self. Heart Sense has been used with Cardiac Recovery Groups as a guide for deeper healing. 



In the Realms of Coatilcue. A BodySoul Intensive in Mexico. La Isla, Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico. Located 45 minutes from Mexico City airport in the Tepoztlán Valley with a spectacular view of the Tepozteco mountain, La Isla is a peaceful and beautiful retreat surrounded by nature.

Contact patty@marionwoodmanfoundation.org.

Instructors: Paula Reeves,PH.D., Mary Hamilton; Martha de la Garza Adler; Patricia LLosa.

"Paula's capacity to allow a Myth to have its own voice has taught me more about my capacity to appreciate the both-and tensions in my life. The entire teaching team’s deeply intuitive guidance into movement and play as I listen to what matters in my body gives me a sense of focus and assurance.  Before I began attending these retreats I believed every choice was a matter of either-or. And now I know that I do not have to develop a symptom in order to get my own attention" 


"No matter how many times I hear Paula tell a myth she always enters it at a different place and from a different perspective that speaks directly to a woman's processes and her struggle with herself and her relationships.  Paula's capacity to weave a myth into a teaching tale is practiced, poetic and memorable."



This is the tenth year that women from Europe and North America have been gathering  for a week of self exploration as we light the forbidden lamp and weave together both the inner and the outer landscape by listening to a myth and allowing the metaphors to teach us  through movement, Mindful Mirroring™ and BodySoul mapping as we explore our soul work .  

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